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Raybestos M9020 brake lining

Brake linings For Mooring And Anchor Winches

[pdf] Download product datasheet (PDF, 1,7 MB) :raybestos-hq.pdf

Raybestos Raybestos M9020 is an asbestos free woven brake lining material which is produced from yarns and brass wire. Thereafter the woven structure is impregnated with special resins to give the material its flexural strength and heat resistance. After curing in an industrial oven for 4 hours at 160 degrees Celsius, the materials is ready for use and installation.

Raybestos M90290 is produced by a dedicated and reputable factory and stocked in numerous countries world wide. All of the production steps are done in house so the level of quality can be maintained at a continuous high level. Many of the leading European winch manufacturers use Raybestos brake linings for installation on their new building winches and specify it as recommended spare parts. Since the cost of relining of brake shoes is far more expensive then the new linings itself, cost savings can be made when using Raybestos M9020 with its superior lifetime.

Application M9020 is suitable for light to heavy duty service applications, including winches, cranes, hoists, and other heavy duty industrial purposes.
Physical properties Width: up to 370 mm
Thickness: 3,2 mm to 25 mm
Lenght: 10m
(other sizes avaible upon request)
Friction properties Coefficient of friction:
Normal: 0,53
Hot: 0,53
@ 200 oC : 0,56
Recomended operating limits Max. unit pressure: 3,5 N/mm2
Max. rubbing speed: 21 m/s
Max. temperature, intermittent: 280 oC
Max. temperature, continous: 250 oC
Certificate Germanischer-Lloyds (cert. nr 21 138 04HH)

Raybestos Raybestos M9020 can be installed by means of copper rivets, bolts and nuts and or glue. The methode of installation is depending on the preference of the user, all are acceptable for normal applications. A combination of mechanically securing and bonding is advised for extremely heavy duty applications. Raybestos M9020 brake lining is Germanischer Lloyd for marine applications after sever testing and inspection.

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